American runner ran more than 435 km in 48 hours

Herron on the track at the time the clock ticks the contest has taken place more than 46 hours 35 minutes.

Herron achieved the feat when participating in the Sri Chinmoy 48 Hour Festival 2023 contest from March 24 to 26. The competition venue is a 400m track in a stadium in Bruce – a suburb of Canberra, Australia.

Herron ran 1088 laps on this loop to complete the 48-hour challenge of 435,336 km. This is a new 48-hour world record for a female athlete. The old record of 410,843 km was set by British runner Joasia Zakrzewski last month , while attending the Taipei Ultramarathon, in Taiwan

Herron’s latest metric is the third-best run in recorded 48-hour history. Only two male ultramarathoners ran longer than her. Andrii Tkachuk, of Ukraine, achieved 435,446 km at the Self-Transcendence 48h-Lauf Vinnitsa competition in his hometown in July 2021. Greek legend Yannis Kouros reached 473,495 km at the Surgeres 48 Hour Race, France in 1996.

Herron’s average pace (pace) when setting the record was 6:37 (6 minutes 37 seconds per km. But in reality, the 41-year-old runner ran faster, because Herron stopped to sleep for about 40 minutes. was also more or less difficult because of the scattered heavy rains in the last 24 hours.

According to Runner’s World , Herron ran 236.8 km in the first 24 hours. She broke Zakrzewski’s record after 45 hours and 8 minutes, and continued to run for nearly 24.5 km in the remaining nearly 3 hours of the competition.

Before switching to the ultramarathon in 2015, Herron mainly ran only marathons (42.195km) at the beginning of his career. Her personal best (PB) in this distance is 2 hours 37 minutes 14 seconds at the 2012 Houston Marathon. Switching to the ultramarathon, Herron quickly achieved success and made a splash when she won the Comrades Marathon – the tournament. ran nearly 90 km in South Africa – 2017.

Before the competition in Bruce, Australia, Herron had only run 48 hours twice. Therefore, she is very proud of her achievements and advises people not to give up on their goals and dreams, no matter how much time it takes to pursue. “After all the pain I’ve been through, I find joy in knowing I’m working towards my life’s goals. I will continue to push myself beyond limits to discover my potential,” the runner came. from the state of Oklahoma wrote on his personal page on March 28.

The 48-hour run, which has its roots in the Victorian pedestrian sport, sees runners compete on a circuit track to see who runs the greatest distance in a 48-hour period. Time continues to pass for every stop, every sleep, and every toilet visit. The end result is the distance each runner can travel in two days.

Dr Jamie Pugh, a physiologist from Liverpool John Moores University and a member of the support team at the 24-hour European Championships in Verona, said: “The runner’s body goes through a physical strain. huge in two days of running and the ability to use the body’s fat stores is reduced.The body replenishing certain nutrients during the entire event will be the key to the forward movement needed for a such a record.”

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